13 Dec 2023
Cadoux maintains dual focus on high purity alumina in WA and rare earths in the Northern Territory
04 Dec 2023
Cadoux Ltd is new name for FYI Resources
16 Nov 2023
FYI Resources maintains A$0.43 valuation from MST Financial
14 Nov 2023
FYI Resources receives A$1.2 million rebate to support ongoing HPA research
13 Nov 2023
Rising semiconductor sales spur demand for tin in September quarter
09 Nov 2023
FYI Resources receives A$3 million grant for HPA project development
16 Aug 2023
FYI Resources target MOPL advances Minhub Rare Earths-Zircon Project with IHC Mining
18 Jul 2023
FYI Resources set to land A$3 million state grant to accelerate development of innovative HPA project